Monday, July 14, 2008

Once upon a time...

This story is Persian, we believe. Once upon a time, a faquir wanted to demostrate the illusory character of life and time. He put water in a tub and told a rich man to take a dip. The rich man dipped his face in and found himself in a country strange to him and by the sea, Bangladesh. There he spent long time going through a variety of doings and happenings. He found a bangladeshi job, lost it and looked long for a new one. All his work was done on the floor with bad lighting and tedious tasks. He lost his wealth and in sufferings suddenly found himself again in the tub. Surrounded by his people started reviling the faquir for all his long misfortunes. He answered "My friend, you only dipped your head in and raised it fast out of the tub!"

Pictures are jobs in Bangladesh.

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