Monday, July 02, 2007

A la selva con el brother

El fin de semana el brother se ha ido con papa a la selva. Por el dia se han ido a descubrir cataratas y por la noche han puesto la tienda de campana. El segundo dia no fue tan facil poner la tienda. Habia una tormenta electrica, llovia a mares y hacia tanto viento que la tienda se volaba. El brother se habia puesto su chubasquero pero aun asi le caian las gotas de agua por la nariz. Sin embargo, puso las piquetas en la tienda hasta que esta era mas solida que el viento.

Ademas, habia un bambi alrededor que amenazaba con pisar la tienda. Era parecido al que habian acariciado esa misma manana pero mas grande y gordo, por lo que el brother decia que era su mama. No era tan grande ni tenia los cuernos del macho que tambien habian visto antes.

Entre otros animales habia grandes cantidades de monos, adultos y bebes. Al brother le gustan los recien nacidos porque le dan menos susto, pero con todos se rie cuando se cuelgan de las ramas y miran con cara de curiosidad.

Durante el dia lo mas divertido era saltar de los arboles. Por los caminos, habia de vez en cuando arboles caidos cortando el paso y la unica manera era escalarlos y saltar por el otro lado. El brother sorprendio con su capacidad de equilibrio. De paso, como iba numerando los arboles, se aprendio los numeros hasta el quince.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this pic is beautiful. you don't have to see the body and the eyes to see
human being... (of course eye contact is better) this picture
definitely has many lives in it.

7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

after i send the comment about the image i looked at it again and suddenly i couldn't see any liveness anymore. it reminded me death and loneliness. i thought "how did i feel alive in the first place?" i guess your image changes according to the feelings at that moment.

7:30 PM  
Blogger manuelr said...

yes, the picture is cold. It is centered and symmetrical, flat with no perspective. It is also too magenta, the color of the shadow. On top of that there is no visible soul.

Furthermore, the place was invaded by solitude and emptiness, almost scary. Those people lived in the valley till the Government built the dam. Now they moved upstairs and live on the water, but their parents, deads and traditions remain in the bottom of the lake.

Moreover, it is sad when you see before you dream. I am not joking. Imagine that you were there, close to sunset, ready to spend the night in the house, with some food to cook dinner and anti-mosquito cream. In the house you would be dancing to avoid insects sticking in your skin. It would be absolute silence but monkeys screaming in next island and your deep laughter. You would know that there is no way out before next day when Coo would come on his boat.

It would be PEACE

Now let me arrange the picture. Let me give you not what I saw but what i sensed. The result of my imagination and not my eyes. It is not less real than if you compare with the physical world. It is real because it compares to the feeling in my memory. It happened, I know, I am certain, i guarantee, it was real.

7:34 PM  

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