Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders (2003) is a film with Angelina Jolie dressed in white in the middle of Ethiopia, Cambodia and Chechnya. Her hair never gets mussed. Clive Owen does relief work in developing countries and he plays the viril physician that a Hollywood movie needs for a love story. However, we got hooked by it. Read the following conversation as one of the sample dialogs:

A women is dying in Ethiopia and Angelina Jolie feels she must save her life:
- She is in pain.
- She is beyond the pain
- Have you asked her if she is in pain? Ask if she has.
- She says she feels the pain of hunger, but she knows that death is more hungry than pain, so she says gives thanks to you. She calls you by your name: metanee, the one who steals her from death.

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